Why You Should Consider an Electronic Business Card

Mobile Business Card

Business cards have long been used to share your contact information with individuals who may need your products and services. While this practice isn’t as outdated as it may seem, times are changing. Rather than handing out printed business cards that may become outdated, lost or damaged, offering an electronic business card can be a much more effective option.

An Eco-Friendly Option

There is more concern over the environment than ever before. In fact, many consumers show appreciation for businesses that take part in environmentally-friendly practices. Using an electronic business card over a printed one can be the best chance you have of making a good impression on your customers and prospects. They will appreciate you are working hard to have less impact on the environment around you.

More Efficient

Who wants to carry around a stack of cards in their wallet or pocket? You either minimize how many you take, risking not having enough, or carry far more than you ever wanted. When you make the switch to an electronic business card, you will be able to easily share your important business contact information with other people, right through their mobile device.

Share More Information

Traditional business cards contained minimal information due to limited space and to prevent clutter. You would include your name, phone number, physical address and potentially an email and website address. While this is often sufficient for its purposes, an electronic business card opens the doors to easily sharing more information. With an electronic format, you also make it easier for people to call, email or visit your website with just a simple click.

Using an electronic business card in place of or in conjunction with traditional cards can be an effective way to do business. You will find they are much easier to share with others, easily updated and provide a wealth of information that can help give your company a much needed boost.