Why You May Want a Divorce Lawyer in Sumner, WA


One of life’s difficult circumstances occurs when a couple decides they can’t make it with each other any longer, and divorce seems to be the next step. Divorce is seldom easy and is always tough emotionally, so a person going through a divorce needs someone with a clear head and professionalism to represent the person’s best interests in the divorce. A Divorce Lawyer in Sumner WA offers to help clients who are going through a divorce and wants clients to know they have other options. Here is a look at getting a divorce in Washington.

Divorce Law in Washington

People think the only option they have in a divorce is to go with the traditional divorce proceedings, which could cost a lot of unnecessary time and money. There are alternative dispute resolutions, such as a collaborative divorce, that could be more beneficial for both parties. Both parties have their final say regarding the outcome of the divorce, and the costs will be much lower. There will usually not be as much conflict or emotional upheaval in this type of agreement. It is something that should be explored.

More About Divorce Law in Washington

There are special circumstances when the divorce occurs between couples where one or both are in the military. It may be that one of the spouses is serving overseas and might not even be aware of being served with divorce papers. In this case, time will have to be allotted to allow the spouse to properly respond to the divorce request. Military personnel who are seeking a divorce or are being served with divorce papers should hire an attorney or law firm with experience in handling military divorces.

A Divorce Lawyer in Washington State

Couples who live anywhere in the State of Washington and meet the required residency can find a divorce lawyer in their area in the Yellow Pages. The Law Office of Kevin G. Byrd Attorney & Counselor at Law is a law firm that handles divorce cases in Sumner and the surrounding areas. If a couple or one spouse is looking for a Divorce Lawyer in Sumner WA, the law firm is available.