Why to Wear a Juventus soccer jersey


Italy, champion of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, boasts one of the best soccer teams in the world, so it follows that Juventus, one of the premier soccer clubs in the country, is also one of the best in the world. Major soccer events such as the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup Final that are coming up in 2013 make owning the jersey worn by your favorite team a necessity. Read on to find out reasons why you should wear a Juventus soccer jersey.

Get in the Game

You can show your team spirit for your team by wearing a Juventus soccer jersey. Whether you are at a sporting event, cheering Juventus on from the seats of a stadium, or whether you are watching them on a television screen at a crowded sports bar or in the privacy of your own home living room, wearing a jersey is a surefire way to feel more involved and invested in the game.

Cool Designs

Juventus soccer jerseys come in many different colors and styles and are emblazoned with many different logos. The logos of sponsors such as Nike and Jeep are common to have on a jersey, as well as the red, white, and green Italian flag and the Juventus team logo.

Because Juventus’s team icon is designed with white and black vertical stripes, most soccer jerseys for that team will have this design as well. They can also, however, be fully black with only white stripes on the end borders of the sleeves, or they can be pink with the outline of a black star drawn on them. Jerseys can also have long sleeves or short sleeves.

Be Your Favorite Player

Every soccer fan wishes that they could be in the game like their favorite player and play as well as their favorite does. Wearing a jersey with the name of your favorite player on the back is the closest you can get. Of course, you cannot really be your favorite player, but you can make people who see you from behind do a double take when they see the name and number of your star Juventus player on the back of your jersey. With a Juventus soccer jersey, you can be Vidal (23), Anelka (18), Marchisio (8), Del Piero (10), Pirlo (21), Chiellini (3), or star goalie Buffon (1).