Why safes are such a popular home security option

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You ever wondered how many safes in New York City? Well there are a lot, considering the amount of businesses that are in New York City not to mention banks that use vaults the numbers are going to be staggeringly high. As you may know New York is one of the most popular states in the USA and is also the financial center of the country. However, with big cities like New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles etc. comes more crime.

No longer is it viable for people to just hide personal belongings away in their drawers and business owners have safes installed as standard because they need to store either cash or sensitive data away from thieves. The good thing about today’s safes is the variety of sizes that you can get them in which means that there is a safe or for all purposes and requirements. Safes in New York City are not necessarily going to be huge monstrous vault like safes in the middle of your dining room which look ugly and horrible. Doesn’t exactly look great with your friends round and you need to dodge round a safe to sit down in the living room.

Some points to consider when placing a safe inside your house or business
For instance if you are buying a wall safe you need to consider what is on the other side of the wall, so don’t go knocking a hole through the wall just yet (sure your neighbor wouldn’t appreciate the mess either). You will need to plan it carefully because if a safe is deeper than 5 inches, it will be going in that space, in this instance a wall that goes into a closet or a cupboard might work well. If you plan on having a safe behind a picture like in the movies make sure it doesn’t look out of place and make sure the picture looks right for the surroundings. You could always put the safe on a shelf in your closet; it all depends on your needs.

What sort of lock should I get for my safe?
Now being in a big city you just want one that will do the job of keeping people out. There are different types of locks out there from your classic number dials to electronic locks. Electronic locks are better for people with arthritis or if you are an elderly person that is storing away your possessions then the electronic lock might be better, you just need to remember the combination. However, there is a downside to electronic locks and that is it can take a safe technician some time to figure out what exactly the problem is with the lock and repairing it which could mean added cost for time.

An alternative to going digital is to have the standard mechanical lock (modern of course) the modern mechanical locks work really well and once you have been shown and trained to operate them correctly they are actually very easy to open (for you, not the thief). The modern mechanical locks are also pretty reliable and they are certainly up to the job.

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