Why Hiring a Reputable Attorney to Assist You in a Divorce is Essential

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If you are going through a divorce separation in Torrance, then you know just how confusing and overwhelming the process can be. You should never have to go through this trying time alone. Reputable lawyers such as Company Name recommend that at the very first sign of separation you hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Do not wait for the other person to file for divorce first. You will need all the head start you can get for the best legal leverage possible.

Custody and Visitation

Divorce is never an easy experience to live through, and if you have children it can make the entire process an absolute nightmare. Parents love their children unconditionally and they understandably never want to be apart from them. In most cases neither parent wants to give up any time with their children, or they both believe that the children should live with them permanently. Lawyers, judges and mediators are all a part of the process in order to provide a situation that is most beneficial for the children. Even though both parents undoubtedly love their children, sometimes it is hard for one to accept that they cannot provide the best environment, schools or general upbringing. A good attorney will draw up paperwork and direct you in the best legal avenue possible to achieve the desired outcome. Full custody refers to a situation where the child will live permanently with one parent and the other will get minimal visitation rights on the weekends or holidays. Joint custody refers to a situation where even though the child primarily lives with one parent, the other parent receives close to half of the time with the child. If the primary custodian of a child is the mother, then the child may go to their father’s house on Wednesday nights, every other weekend and half of all holidays. Many times a divorce that involves children where visitation cannot be agreed upon by both parents is a long drawn out process. Your lawyer will be there to guide you through the process and fight their hardest to get you the visitation or custody that you desire.

Distribution of Assets

To complicate matters further, you and your spouse may have owned a house, vehicles or property together on top of mutual bank accounts. All of these assets have to be divided fairly and legally between both parties. The reason that this part of the divorce takes so long, is usually due to the fact that both lawyers are fighting their hardest to ensure their client receives the most assets and money possible in the distribution. In the event that neither party wants the assets or property documentation must be drawn up to distribute the proceeds of the sale of that property between the parties. Often times legal documentation is mundane and complicated. Your lawyer will go through this documentation with you to make sure that you understand everything fully before signing anything.


If children are involved, usually one parent must pay the primary custodian child support for the benefit of the child. If this is not paid the delinquent parent may receive jail time. The amount of support and frequency of the payments must be decided by a judge. Your lawyer will protect you to ensure that you don’t overpay child support, or get every penny that you deserve to take care of your children. You may also be entitled to pay or be eligible to receive spousal support. No matter what the case may be, your divorce or separation attorney in Torrance will fight their hardest to make sure you receive all the visitation and child and or spousal support that you are legally entitled to.

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