Why Choose a Home Central Vacuum?


The benefits of home central vacuum Long Island residents have counted on for years are extensive. Central vacuum systems last longer and are more powerful than typical upright vacuums. Installation of a home central vacuum system is affordable and ends up saving the owner money because central vacuum systems are far more durable than uprights. Rather than replace a typical upright vacuum every three of four years, a home owner can enjoy the convenience and cleaning power of a central vacuum system for decades.


When considering installing a home central vacuum Long Island residents consider the health and convenience benefits associated with central vacuums. For example, central vacuums are easier to use and much quieter than uprights. While the hoses and cleaning attachments can be moved from room to room, the actual machine is usually located in a basement, garage, or utility area. Children and pets who might be frightened by the sound of a loud vacuum will hardly notice the sound made by central vacuums. Users can vacuum while talking on the phone, watching television, or listening to music without having to turn up the volume.

Central vacuums have three times more suction than an upright vacuum. That means three times more dust, pollen and debris is removed from carpets, floors, upholstery and drapes. Less dust and debris means a healthier home, especially for family members who suffer from allergies. In addition, pet owners love how easy it is to vacuum every day to keep fur and dander for settling on soft surfaces.

Once they’ve tried home central vacuum Long Island home owners seldom go back to traditional upright vacuums. Why drag a heavy upright around the house, get tangled in cords, and suffer through the noise of an upright? With a home central vacuum system, only the hose and attachment have to be moved. The hose stores easily, and it is more than affordable to have a hose for each floor in home. While central home vacuums are far superior to uprights, sometimes owners need repair help. When looking for reliable central vacuum repair Long Island residents prefer to call a reputable dealer. The best dealers will repair any make or model central vacuum.