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In this economy, it’s important to think hard before making significant purchases. For instance, you’d probably never buy a car without doing a test drive, researching car safety standards and thinking about which make and model will suit your lifestyle most closely.

When deciding how to dress your windows, it’s not a bad idea to give them as much attention as when you’re buying a car. Sound strange? It’s not, if you give it some thought. What goes on your windows frames your all-important view of the world outside, and if done correctly, can do a lot more.

For instance, if you choose to buy white drapery, you’re doing more than just hanging a classic color and style on your windows. White drapery can help filter light from the outside, and with the right material, white drapery can also block harmful UV rays and help prevent the fading and fraying of your furniture, walls and floors over time.

White drapery, and all drapery with the right materials a linings, can help you lower your heating and cooling bills by being a line of defense against the cold, winter winds and the hot, sticky air during the summer. And as an added bonus, in addition to more reasonable energy bills, drapery can help protect the planet.

Sure, drapery won’t drive your kids to soccer practice or take you to the grocery store, but it has it’s own set of functions that you can’t live also live without. Give it some thought the next time before you dress your windows. You’ll be happy you did.