Which Amenities Are Available at New Construction Condos in Palm Beach?

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Many buyers of condos are appreciative of their locations and the amenities that they can access onsite. Many apartments may have swimming pools, but other amenities are also available at new construction condos in Palm Beach . Here are some of the amenities condo buyers enjoy.

SPA Treatments Without Leaving Home

Many new luxury condos offer amenities that are usually in other businesses. For instance, a condo may have a spa onsite where residents can get treatments such as facials, massages, and wellness checks.

Locker Rooms for Him and Her

Condominiums sometimes offer locker rooms if they have gyms, spas, or other amenities. They have separate locker rooms for men and women with showers. So, if someone gets sweaty while working out, they can take a shower before going up to their condo or out to dinner for the evening.

Personalized Beauty Care

If a resident needs a haircut, makeup applied, or a skin treatment, an Alba Palm Beach condo may offer personalized beauty care to residents. Going to a salon in the building would save residents time, trouble finding a parking space, and they wouldn’t expose their hair to the elements and ruin a new style.

Some new construction condos in Palm Beach offer luxury services that residents can enjoy when they need them. They can relax at home until it’s time for their appointments and casually make their way to the spa or salon. There wouldn’t be a need to drive to those appointments.