When to Repair or Replace Auto Glass in Olympia WA


Automobile glass is, perhaps, one of the most susceptible parts of the car to damage and breakage. Many things, from a tiny piece of gravel to a collision can cause the automobile’s glass to break or crack. But how do you know if your auto glass can be easily fixed at home, or if it is time to call in the professionals? It used to be that even the smallest crack or chip in a car’s glass meant that the entire glass needed to be completely replaced. Luckily that is no longer the case. Advances in modern technology has now made it possible for a qualified auto glass Olympia WA company to repair many smaller cracks and chips, saving you both time and money.

But what if your glass is cracked beyond repair? For instance if the neighbor, while outside mowing his lawn, managed to accidentally run over a small rock, which was then thrown into your windshield, chances are the damage will be large enough that a simple repair will simply not do the trick. In this case, the entire windshield will need to be replaced. The cost for the replacement, of course, depends primarily on the type of automobile in question and where the repair is done. Automobile dealers, for example, will often charge more for the simple fact that they tend to use OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, parts. These parts cost more because they must come from the factory that made the original parts for the vehicle. Independent auto glass Olympia WA shops, however, often use after market, or third party, parts to replace broken and damaged auto glass. This could mean great savings.


Before deciding on a particular auto glass company Olympia WA you should call and ask a couple of questions. First, ask about their insurance policies. For car owners who carry full coverage insurance on their vehicles, the cost for the auto glass replacement will often be covered by the insurance. Whether the insurance company will be billed for the replacement or you will be responsible for up front payment, however, will be up to the repair company. Also inquire about on-site services. Depending on the type of glass that needs replaced, some auto glass repair companies will bring the new glass to your location so that you don’t have to drive the car without glass.