When to Call Mold Remediation Services in Arlington, VA

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The health risks associated with uncontrolled mold growth are greater than many people realize. Those with allergies may fare particularly poorly against indoor mold growth. But even otherwise healthy children and adults face issues such as chronic bronchitis and other breathing problems, bleeding lungs, and neurological deficiencies when exposed to extensive mold colonies. Exposure to some molds, such as black mold, can even be fatal. This makes it important to recognize the warning signs of a growing mold colony early and contract Mold Remediation Services in Arlington VA as quickly as possible.

Mold requires damp, dark conditions in order to thrive and to spread. This makes moisture prone areas such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens particularly susceptible. In older homes water damage is also a common cause of mold growth. Under the right conditions, it can feed off of anything from dirt and dead skin cells to wood and plasterboard inside the walls. Inhabitants of building showing signs of water damage such as pooling water in attics or basements, water stains on ceilings or walls, or dripping water anywhere in the home should be aware of the increased potential for mold growth due to these conditions.

Any sudden or inexplicable increase in breathing problems among inhabitants is cause for a mold hunt. It emits a musky odor that is often present before visible signs of mold appear, so encourage inhabitants to be aware of this early warning sign. Check commonly affected areas such as basements, any rooms with excess humidity or condensation, and bathrooms first. If there are no visible signs of mold, don’t write it off; it’s likely growing in the walls or underneath the floors. If unable to locate the source of indoor mold, contracting mold remediation services in Arlington VA can help. Experienced remediation specialists will know what to look for and where to concentrate their search.

Anyone noticing these early warning signs should contact a professional, as the health dangers of mold make it unsafe for inexperienced individuals to take on remediation efforts by themselves. A remediation company can provide their employees with proper training, safety gear, and industrial strength products that just aren’t available to the average homeowner. Pest Management Services in Arlington VA provides Mold Remediation Services that can protect buildings and their inhabitants from the potentially devastating effects of unchecked mold indoor mold growth.