When to Call for Bee Removal in Rochester, NY

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Many people have an ingrained fear of bees that prompts them to request bee removal rochester ny. There certainly have been movies about killer bees that can frighten us into running when we see one. The truth is, though, that bees are not normally aggressive unless they’re in protective mode, and pretty much won’t bother you if you don’t bother them. They don’t go after people the way mosquitoes do, because they don’t feed on us. If they do sting, it’s only when they feel threatened that the person is a danger to their baby bees or to their honey stores. If they’re just in the process of creating a beehive, and have no honey or baby bees to protect, they likely won’t bother you at all.

The way to identify if you’ve been stung by a bee instead of another yellow flying insect is to see if you find the dead bee on the ground. If a bee does sting someone, the stinger is barbed so it sticks in the person’s skin. The barb gets torn from the bee in the process, which kills the bee. Bees are yellow and black and they have furry bodies and legs, unlike hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets.

The best time of the year to call for bee removal rochester ny is early in the springtime, before you get bees in the first place. The exterminator will spray a product that creates a barrier all around the home and the yard.

You definitely need to call for bee removal rochester ny if you notice a wet spot on the drywall in your house, either against the wall or on the ceiling. You may even hear a buzzing sound. Bees have been known to make nests inside the walls of homes, within the drywall, and they can eventually come through the drywall and be loose in your home.

You can check the perimeter of your home to see if you notice groups of bees flying toward the house and away from the house. If you suspect that the bees have made a home inside the wall of the house, call for bee removal rochester ny. Click Here to learn more about bees and other insects that you may need to spray for to protect your home.