What Your Dog Bite Attorney Sacramento Needs to Know


Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, but on occasion, they can attack someone and leave them seriously injured. A dog attack can be a terrifying experience, especially if the victim happens to be a small child. If you or your child have recently been attacked and bitten by a dog, you need to contact a Dog Bite Attorney Sacramento as soon as possible. You deserve justice for the negligence of the dog’s owner, plus monetary reward for paying for medical treatment. In order for your attorney to build a solid case, there are certain pieces of information he or she will need to know.

One of the things your attorney needs to prove in order to win your case is that the owner of the dog was the cause of the animal’s attack. Many individuals train their dogs to maliciously attack people who come up on or near their property. If this was the intent of the owner, then he or she might be liable by law to compensate you for the attack, and might even face jail time. Your Dog Bite Attorney Sacramento will also need to know if the animal was lose or not properly leashed, as this is considered negligence, which satisfied the legal need for the owner to be the cause of the attack.

Another important piece of information your attorney must have is proof that the dog actually belongs to a person. If you were bitten by a dog that does not have an owner, then you cannot legally file any type of lawsuit, or expect to receive any type of compensation for your injuries. There are special cases where animal control professionals can have a suit filed against them, if there is proof that they have not been fulfilling their responsibility of removing stray dogs from the area. This would fall under negligence, and it too satisfies the requirement for someone other than yourself to cause the dog to attack.

There are plenty of professional dog bite lawyers you could hire to represent your case. Make sure that you thoroughly check each firm and their reputation in the community before you choose who you want to handle your case.