What Will We Do Without the Kardashian Divorce to Keep Us Occupied?

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In gossip rags from New York to Houston to Los Angeles, the Humphries-Kardashian divorce has kept Americans entertained, if you will, for months. However, now it appears that NBA basketball pro Kris Humphries has finally agreed to stop fighting the proceedings and has acquiesced. According to reports, the months of bitter, public spats are about to come to an end as the couple is prepared to finalize their divorce settlement.

Humphries had hoped to obtain some sort of public acknowledgement from Kardashian that the marriage had been nothing more than a sham to boost her reality show ratings. He and his attorney had investigated the possibility of having the marriage annulled instead of agreeing to the divorce. However, a long-time friend of Humphries indicated that the estrangement, which lasted much longer than the marriage did, has finally worn Humphries down, and he has come to the conclusion that the Kardashians have the power and the money to get whatever they want.

In the end, the friend has confided, Humphries was tired of being a public spectacle. He could no longer handle the ridicule from other NBA players who would constantly rib him about Kardashian, the divorce, and her new relationship since she went public about her affair with Kanye West. Interestingly, the one thing that has not been made public in this very public divorce is whether or not Humphries will receive any money in the divorce, and if so, how much. He has said all along that he was not trying to get any money out of Kardashian.

Fortunately, most of us who live in Houston, TX do not get married or divorced beneath the same unbearable amount of public scrutiny. However, for many Houston residents, the issues, power struggles, and financial questions carry with them a huge investment in terms of both time and emotions. Whether the marriage was short-lived like the Humphries-Kardashian debacle or it has been a long-term union, divorce has been equated to death because it is as though something that used to be has dropped out of existence. In fact, psychologists have found that the emotions and responses that surround a divorce are identical to those experienced when someone that we love dies.

Against the backdrop of the angst, emotion, and drama that can surround a divorce, a good divorce lawyer will provide a calm, objective, detached presence on which someone who is going through a divorce can rely. If you live in Houston, TX and anticipate going through a divorce, your lawyer will be someone you can rely on when the emotions, tensions, and frustrations threaten to overwhelm you.

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