What to Look for in an Accident Attorney in Wichita


While people receive personal injury settlements all of the time just by dealing with insurance companies, they are usually receiving much lower settlements than they deserve. Anyone seeking this type of compensation after an accident should hire an Accident Attorney in Wichita. You can, of course, search online for Accident Attorney Wichita, or in the phone book. Referrals from family, friends, and coworkers are also helpful to direct you to a good attorney. One tried-and-true option is to try the local bar association. These organizations use a variety of screening processes to rank lawyers, including years of experience and specializations.

Once an appropriate Accident Attorney Wichita area has been located, the accident victim should arrange an initial consultation. Most offer this service for free, but it pays to ask first. All documentation should be brought to this meeting, including the accident police report, an accounting of lost wages from work, and insurance company communications. While presenting this information, the attorney should be accessed as well. Questions should be asked about education, experience, success rate, and fee structure.

Fees vary among all attorneys, but accident lawyers tend to work on a contingency basis. This means that if the defendant wins the trial, then the attorney will receive a percentage of the awarded amount. This structure encourages the lawyer to make the best case possible for each client, because they don’t get paid for losing suits. As such, one should not consider a lawyer who wants any upfront fees or retainer fees. Plus, it is best to only work with an attorney who represents individuals and never insurance companies, because this is a conflict of interest.

Most importantly, the chosen lawyer should honor each request made of the plaintiff. A retainer agreement must be signed, as this document acts as a binding agreement. It should describe what services will be rendered, what the client must do, fees, payment schedules, and a way to amicable sever the relationship if needed. A well-constructed case may even be cause for the insurance company to adjust their compensation offer to an agreeable and fair amount outside of court.