What to Know Before you Buy a Condo Insurance Plan in Des Moines, Iowa


Every valuable purchase should be protected with insurance, and where you live needs to be at the top of the list. When your home is a condo rather than a house, you will require a different policy than what other homeowners will have. Since you will typically be sharing a single building with multiple owners and renters, it is important to know what the condo association covers with their own policy. This will prevent gaps in coverage as well as wasting money on something that is already being paid for by someone else.

The Condo Insurance Plan in Des Moines Iowa property owners will need will vary. Every condo association should offer in writing what is their responsibility and what each individual owner must pay for themselves. Since every community is different, always get the written and dated policy before you seek your own coverage.

You will always be responsible for covering your own contents, including appliances. In many cases, you will also need to insure the interior components of the structure. This usually means walls, ceilings and floors. Whether the windows, exterior doors and any patio spaces are your responsibility will need to be determined. Also, discover if the additional space that is physically separate from the condo is included in the policy held by the association. This includes storage spaces and covered parking that is reserved for your use alone. These areas may be covered entirely by them or may be up to you to maintain and insure.

To understand what to consider for amounts of coverage in a Condo Insurance Plan Des Moines IA condo buyers should speak to an insurance agent. They can help their clients to inventory their items, put a value on the interior materials and add any extras as needed. It is also important to know whether you need extra protection against floods, high winds or any other special coverage.

Contact Absolute Insurance Agency to learn more about condo insurance. They will help you get the right amount of coverage at an affordable rate. They are happy to answer questions and make suggestions to ensure each client is always protected.