What to Expect When You Visit an Eye Doctor


If you’ve been having trouble with your vision, it may be time to consider making an appointment at an Eye doctor Monroe County PA The doctor will work with you to correct your vision, giving you an eye exam first and then fitting you for glasses or contacts as needed. These corrective lenses will help ensure that you can see well, keeping you safe as you go about your daily activities.

Eye Exam

The first time you visit an Eye doctor Monroe County PA, the doctor will perform an initial evaluation. The doctor will take the time to check your eyes carefully, to be sure that there is no damage and that they are formed correctly. If you have any pain or discomfort in the eye area, or if you are having trouble seeing, now is the time to let the doctor know.

Pupil Dilation

Next, the doctor will dilate your pupils. This will allow the doctor to see all the way to the back of your eye, so that he or she can see any damage or disease. If you’ll be having your pupils dilated, it’s crucial that you have someone drive you to your eye appointment, as your eyes will be extremely sensitive to light and this can make it hard for you to drive safely.

Corrective Lenses

The doctor will also be able to provide you with corrective lenses, either glasses or contacts, if they are needed. The lenses will help correct any vision issues that you have, so that you can go back to your normal life. If you opt for glasses, the eye doctor will have them for you to pick up in a few days. If you choose contacts, you may be able to leave with them the same day, but you’ll need to spend thirty minutes or so learning how to put your contacts in your eyes each day so that you can do so safely.

An eye doctor will help you keep your eyes at their best, so that you can see your world clearly. This professional can also assist you with any eye pain or disease that you’re experiencing. If you’re having difficulty with your vision, see an eye doctor today.