What to Expect when Getting Eyelash Extension Services in Round Rock TX

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Have you ever seen women with beautiful long natural looking lashes and wondered were they real? The answer is probably no they are not their real lashes, and they most likely were wearing eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions, as the name implies, are the one to one application of placing a lash directly on a person’s natural eyelash to extend it and make it fuller. The process requires a steady hand, and that’s why it is recommended that you go to a professional Eyelash Extension Services in Round Rock TX.

What to Expect When You Go

In the first session of getting Eyelash Extension Services in Round Rock TX requires a full set, and that will most likely take two hours. How many lashes that are applied depends on how many natural lashes a person has. In many cases, up to 80 lashes are applied per eye. The next meeting will depend on how often you need a refill, and that can be as soon as 2-3 weeks later.

Dress comfortably and prepare to lie flat on your back during this time. Many women find this time relaxing, but if you have lower back problems, this might present a problem. Arrive with no makeup and a clean face. Contact wearers should remove them before getting their lashes extended.

Caring for Your Natural Lashes and Extensions

Your natural lashes will incur less stress when your lash professional knows what she is doing. A trained professional will remember to apply the correct size lash per individual client because everyone’s lashes are different. For example, a longer and thicker lash may not be the best fit for an older client with thinner lashes. Giving your natural lash a break from lash extensions is another way to ensure your lashes remain healthy. Other factors, such as diet play a significant role in how healthy your natural lashes are as well. Click here for more details.

To ensure that your lash extension last keep them dry in the first four hours of application. Avoid excessive heat, such as a sauna as heat prevent the lash glue from adhering suitably. Try not to rub your eyes or tug at your lashes.

If you have more questions and are interested in Eyelash Extension Services in Round Rock TX, visit Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar. The customer’s experience is a priority. You won’t be disappointed.