What To Expect From A Veneer Procedure


Porcelain veneers are used for many reasons in the field of dentistry. If you have a chipped or discolored tooth, your dentist may choose to use veneers in Spokane Valley WA to cover up the problem and give you the smile you want. If you have a tooth that is dead, your dentist may choose to use a veneer rather than attempting to bleach the color out of it. Many people are nervous about the veneers process, when in reality, it’s fairly simple and painless.

The first step to veneers in Spokane Valley WA is to make an impression of the tooth. Impressions are often taken before, during and after the veneer is placed on the tooth. When you have your first impressions taken, these are used to make a replica of your tooth. Your dentist will send the impression to a dental lab, where a porcelain replica of your tooth will be created to be placed over your dead or chipped tooth.

When you have a veneer, you will also be asked to pick a shade for the veneer. Along with the recommendations of your dentist, you will choose the right shade for your particular teeth. Rather than going for a bleached white look, it’s important to pick a shade that will look natural among your other teeth. A tooth that is too white will stand out and make it obvious that the tooth is not real.

When you have veneers in Spokane Valley WA applied to your teeth, the dentist will first file off the enamel of your current tooth. You may also have to have a root canal to clean out the tooth. The pain level will depend on how difficult the procedure is for your dentist, and should be discussed in each specific situation with your dentist.

Once your tooth has been filed, a temporary veneer will be placed while your new tooth is made at the lab. This temporary veneer is made of acrylic material that will be glued to your tooth with temporary cement. It will look like a normal tooth, but is only a temporary fix to keep your tooth protected from sensitivity.

The final step to veneers in Spokane Valley WA is the placing of the permanent tooth over the old tooth. Once you have had your temporary tooth in place for seven to ten days, you will visit the dentist and have your permanent new tooth placed. As you had the chance to pick the shade and the tooth should fit in perfectly with your other teeth, you should expect to have a brand new smile once you leave your dentist’s office.

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