What to do when you feel a vibration or pulsation when applying the Brakes Bethesda.

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There are very few car functions that we actually give much thought to while operating a vehicle such as the coolant system or the water hose.  However the braking system is one function that stays in our conscious thought every time we get into our vehicles.  We rely on the braking system to engage without a hitch every time we come to a stop.  But what happens when there are sounds every time we engage the Brakes Bethesda?

A certain amount of panic may creep into our hearts if we engage our brakes at a stop sign and hear a grinding noise or feel a pulsating or vibrating throughout the vehicle.  As we contemplate what these signs could mean questions such as these may arise:  “Should I continue driving?”  “Is it serious?”  “What does the vibration or pulsation mean?”  “Will it be a costly fix?”  While these questions are swimming through our head we might want to stop and think about the root cause of the vibration.  Our car, just like any other complex system, has many working parts that function harmoniously.  However because many of these working parts are interrelated the demise of one could affect another.

Our braking system involves more than just the petal inside the vehicle.  It is composed of drum brakes, emergency brakes, pedal, booster, master cylinder, combo valve, lines and disc brakes.  When we step on the brakes the force needed to stop the moving vehicle is compounded through three principles: hydraulics, leverage and friction.  Each of these principles uses the force exerted by our foot stepping on the brake pedal and multiplies the force increasing its intensity thus causing the vehicle to stop.  Although this is a very simplified explanation what it boils down to is this, when we step on the Brakes Bethesda you expect the car to stop.  When the car vibrates or pulsates at a stop this could mean that the rotors are worn or warped.  The facing of a brake rotor must be smooth, flat and parallel.  If these conditions do not exist the rotor will grab and slip against the brake pads causing the vehicle to vibrate and pulsate when stopping.  Now although the vehicle may stop reliably we should have it checked out since warping can just increase over time until the braking system stops engaging properly all together.

Our braking system is too important to trust to just anyone.  Although our brakes may be engaging properly, strange sounds or vibrations could signal that there are potential problems on the horizon.  Don’t ignore the tell tale signs.  Take your vehicle to an expert today to ensure that your Brakes Bethesda are operating properly.