What to Do Following a Motorcycle Accident Osage Beach MO


A motorcycle accident in Osage Beach MO can really shake you up. Unfortunately, being shook up can cause you to do things that you may regret later, such as not obtaining vital information at the accident scene. If you are injured, the first thing you should do is seek medical treatment. But if you are not seriously injured, here is what you should do following a motorcycle accident.

Obtain Witness Information:

The very first thing you should do is obtain information from any of the witnesses who may have seen anything and stopped. It is very common for witnesses to get back in their cars and drive off before the police arrive, simply because they are in a hurry to get where they were originally going. When possible, get the witnesses contact information, so they can be properly interviewed at a later date. Having witnesses can help make your personal injury case down the road.

Take Pictures at the Accident Scene:

Another thing that you should do following an motorcycle accident is to take pictures of the accident scene. Most of us have cell phones with a camera, so whip it out and take pictures of your bike, any other vehicles involved and any road conditions that may have lead to the accident. Over time, road conditions change, so having pictures preserves this moment in time, which is crucial if you decide to file a personal injury claim.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer:

The last thing you should do following a motorcycle accident is to contact a personal injury lawyer. Many people put off contacting a lawyer, simply because they are not sure if they are going to sue, or if their injuries are going to warrant filing a lawsuit. There are many benefits to hiring an injury attorney right away, so if you even have so much as an inkling that you may be filing a case, you should sit down with and hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following an accident. They can help you with the insurance process, help you obtain and preserve evidence and help you bring a case about, which helps you recoup money for your lost wages and injuries.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Osage Beach MO, you should have to contact a personal injury lawyer to handle your claim. Price and Randle, LLC, can work with you on an injury claim by calling their office at 877-573-4878.