What is the job of a roofer?


Roofers in Park City repair roofs which have been damaged or are aging as well as install the shingles on homes which are under construction. The job is not particularly easy, especially when an old roof has to be removed completely prior to the installation of a replacement. A roofer works outside in all kinds of weather as he installs various roofing materials including asphalt, metal and wood. For flat roofs and commercial installations the roofer will often use rubber. A roof must have no fear of heights as he often works a couple of stories off the ground. In the past, the roofer installed the tiles with hammer and nails; today the installation is speeded considerably through the use of powered nail guns.

Installing a new roof on an existing building and roof repairs are usually done by Roofers Park City that work for a roofing contractor. In the case of new home construction, the roof will often be shingled by the same crew that is building the house. Commercial roof repair is something that is always done by a roofing contractor. The majority of commercial flat roofs are rubber with a stone overlay. In the event there is damage to a commercial roof the stone first has to be removed and the repair then can be made. Commercial roofs tend to have many roof projections such as vent pipes, air conditioners, skylights etc, and they all are potential problem areas.

Some commercial rubber roofs will be completely redone. The Roofers Park City have to remove all the stone overlay, prepare the roof and mop the entire surface with tar. Once the surface has been tarred, any patches that are required to seal leaks are applied. When replacing the roof on an older residence, the existing roof material is stripped completely down to the wooden rood deck. The deck is repaired if necessary and then it is covered with tar paper before the new roofing material is installed.

Periodically a roofer will have to make repairs to the roof structure itself; this could be the rafters which have rotted away due to water ingress or the roof deck which is usually plywood. To do this work effectively the roofer has to have carpentry skills as well.

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