What Is Required When You Have Flood Damage In Pasadena?

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If you suffer flood damage in Pasadena or anywhere else for that matter, you are going to be faced with some major issues. Depending on the severity of the flood, your house structure may have been affected, your personal possessions may be in tatters and your health may be at risk.

The damage from flood waters is very different than the damage that you can expect to see if the water is clean and fresh. Flood water contains bacteria, contaminants of all sorts and mud. I am sure that you saw the after effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans; to this day there is still evidence of the devastation.
It does not take a lot of flood damage Pasadena to ruin things. Two inches of filthy water can destroy carpets, dry wall, appliances and furniture. Any more than a couple of inches of flood water can get into your electrical system through the wall sockets.

Cleaning up after a flood is a major chore. First, contact your insurance company and see if the damage is covered. Because of the city wide problems, it may take a few days for your flood damage Pasadena insurance adjuster to arrive. If that is the case, then document everything that can. Make a complete list of the damaged and destroyed property, take pictures and videos. This will come in handy for your claim and any application that you make for disaster relief and tax deductions.
Once you have completely documented the results of the flood damage in Pasadena, start cleaning up as best you can. Even if the job is turned over the professional clean up and restoration services, your immediate work may help with salvage.

First, shovel out the mud as best you can. Once that is done, get your garden hose and flush what is left off all the hard surfaces. Then, with a concoction of hot water, disinfectant and heavy duty cleanser, scrub the surfaces down and spray them again. At this stage of the game you are also very concerned and focused on killing germs.

After you have tackled the mud, your flood damage in Pasadena control should focus on the kitchen. This is where you’re eating utensils are kept and they need complete sterilization before they are used. Soak glassware, plastic containers etc. in a solution of bleach and hot water, rinse and air dry.
Any metal ware, knives, forks, spoons pots and the likes can be boiled for ten minutes. As bleach may react with certain metals, just use fresh water.
Finally, clean and rinse the interior surfaces of cupboards, drawers and all surfaces with bleach and hot water. Once this has been done, you can once again put your dishes away. These are recommendations from people who understand flood damage in Pasadena.

The flood damage cleanup will go on and on in Pasadena. At this time you should call for professional assistance. The people at servpro.com should be called in. They have the skills and equipment that you need.

Flood Damage
Flood Damage