What is a water heater element?


A water heater is a large cylinder, and within the cylinder there is a heater element which is used to bring the water to a defined temperature and keep it there. In an electric water heater, the heating element is a metal tube or rod which is submerged in the water, the rod is brought up to heat by electricity, the water surrounding the heating rod warms up.

Often, the heater rod which is either metal or ceramic will need to be replaced, and when this happens it is advisable to call a company that specializes in water heater repair services in Chicago. More often than not, the heating element that fails will be metal as it is more likely to suffer from corrosion caused by hard water. Ceramic material does not corrode and it is more efficient.

The heater element is controlled by a thermostat which has been set by the homeowner. The temperature which has been selected is maintained. When hot water is drawn off and replaced with cold water from the pressurized side of the plumbing system, the heater is engaged, the electric current causes the rod to heat up, the rod heats the water and the cycle is complete. Periodically the thermostat may fail, it too is a job best done by the specialist company doing water heater repair in Chicago.

When water heater repair in Chicago is taking place, the service technician, often a qualified plumber will first drain the tank of its contents and disconnected from the power supply. Once the tank is drained, the heater rod can be unscrewed from its fitting in the tank wall and a replacement heater installed. It is not necessary to drain the tank if the thermostat has failed as it is mounted to the outside of the tank and does not come into contact with any water.

Water heaters can be powered by gas, solar and electricity. A heating element is not required for a gas fired or solar design. Both gas and solar rely on boiling water with the fuel source, either gas or the sun.

The larger water heaters in use will have at least two heater elements. These elements are installed in the top and bottom of the tank are more efficient at getting the water to the desired temperature, and keeping it there. These systems, referred to as dual-element will heat the water faster than a single element water heater.
The homeowner will know when to call for water heater repair in Chicago, the water will be cold. This usually means the heater element has failed and needs to be replaced. If the unit has dual heaters, the water will not get as hot as normal; it will be warm but not hot as expected.

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