What Is A Septic Tank And Why Are They Important?

Construction and Maintenance

Environmental issues have recently become a very common topic for politicians and for other elected officials. It would seem that there is a larger group of people that are becoming aware of potential issues that could be altered or in many cases stopped altogether. One of the most common issues in the early life of the environmental movement was associated with the septic systems that are found in most homes throughout the United States. What is a septic tank Bangor PA What is a septic tank? A septic tank is a specially designed metal storage unit that is used to hold all solid wastes that come from a home. this waste is not to be allowed to enter into the ground or into the local water system. In an effort to clean up the environment, the federal government issued a mandate that all homes in the United States must have a properly working septic system. If you are asking, “What is a septic tank?” keep reading to learn more!

When asked the question, “What is a septic tank?” you should be able to explain not only what the system is but also how it works. This is a very easy system that can be either public or private. A public system is called a public sewer system. This is the most common form of septic service. This service allows the waste from your home to be transferred to a larger holding system that then treat the waste and releases it. A private system is a little different. The private septic system deposits the waste material into a holding tank and after many years of use it is then pumped clean.

Many years ago the most common form of the septic tank was called a pit. The pit was a large hole that your sewer system would be piped into. The pit would then be filled with gravel and covered with dirt. Once the dirt was in place grass would be planted over top. This is the most effective style of septic tank since it will never become full. However this is a very unsanitary system. If you have been curious or if you have ever asked what is a septic tank, then you now have a basic understanding of this system.

These systems are important for the safe keeping of our environment as well as maintaining a level of cleanliness within your own home. There will come a time when your septic tank will need to be cleaned. This is a job for professionals only. This job will require skilled hands as well as specialized equipment. If you have any additional questions be sure to contact your local septic tank installation business.

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