What Does Malpractice Insurance Cover?


Medical malpractice coverage is also known as medical liability insurance. This is one of the many types of professional liability policies available that focuses on health care practitioners. This coverage is intended to protect the holder from the financial liability that accompanies a claim or lawsuit. Generally, these claims will allege some sort of wrongful act that results in damages or personal injury. Find out more about how malpractice insurance can help you protect your assets.

Malpractice insurance companies WV offer policies that cover different types of situations. Most medical professional liability coverage addresses mental distress, property damages, medical bills and injuries. In some cases, a policy may even cover the unintended death of a patient. The amount charged for the average policy varies greatly. It can depend on the physician’s practice area, experience and record of practice.

Some of the high costs associated with a malpractice insurance policy are due to the complexity of these matters. Investigating and defending a claim of negligence is not a simple matter. In cases where a medical professional is not negligent, malpractice insurance companies WV expend a significant amount of money defending the client. These costs are factored into the insurance premium. Overall, it pays to get coverage that can protect you from even further losses.

Overall, there are two types of malpractice insurance offered on the market. These two categories of insurance are known as occurrence or claim-based. Previously, the latter type of policy was the preference for medical professionals. Under this policy, any loss that happened during the effective dates of the contract was covered. These types of policies did not look at the claim’s first filing date.

Claims-made policies differ slightly. Under this class of policies, the insurer looks at the time the claim was made. The incident will be covered if the policy was in effect at the time the incident occurred, and has continued in good-standing since then. In many cases, it is important to purchase tail coverage to make sure all claims are covered.

Picking the right insurance policy can be difficult. Malpractice insurance companies WV are available to help. Contact PriMed Consulting for your medical malpractice insurance needs.