What Defines A Good Concrete Sidewalks Contractor For Ferndale WA?

Construction and Maintenance

All sidewalks are provided to provide a safe place for pedestrians to walk while in the vicinity of vehicular traffic; most of them run along the sides of our streets and roads – usually in towns and other built up areas; but not along the sides of major highways like expressways or parkways. The surfacing of any sidewalk should provide a safe walking environment free of obstacles and possible pitfalls; also, they should, ideally, be non-slip in wet weather.

Sidewalks can be constructed or laid in a variety of materials; some of these, like paving stones come in relatively thin slabs (around 2 to 4 inches thick); others may use tiles for special effect; but, the majority are more utilitarian and made from either asphalt or concrete. Town planners, architects or the owners can choose whatever type of sidewalk they wish and then select the Sidewalks Contractor Ferndale WA from amongst those who work with that material type; not only the supply of the basic raw materials but also being well versed in the installation methods and techniques applicable to that type.

A Word About Asphalt Concrete

Asphalt (also known as bitumen or pitch) is a semi-liquid, sticky hydrocarbon that can occur in nature but is, more often, a product of the crude oil refiners. It is widely used for construction of both pavement (blacktop) and sidewalks or other pathways; but it does not set hard enough to be used entirely on its own and can melt on hot summer days. To be usable, stone, sand and gravel particulates need to be added to the asphalt which then binds everything together in a mixture. This mix of aggregates and asphalt can be variously referred to as asphaltic concrete; or, bituminous asphalt concrete by engineers, architects and construction companies.

However, the public at large know it simply as asphalt; which is distinctively different from the concrete produced when limestone rock is powdered to become cement (such as Portland cement) and that cement is then used to bind aggregates together to make concrete. If you are seeking a concrete Sidewalks Contractor For Ferndale WA, you need to be clear in your mind as to which type of concrete you want your sidewalks made from.

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