What Can Drunk Driving Attorneys In St Paul Accomplish?

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Drunk driving attorneys in St. Paul are very knowledgeable of the laws that affect DIU and DWI cases and by court challenges have reduced the severity of sentences. Some of the penalties that can be imposed for even a first offense are drivers license revocation, impound and revoke license plates, impounding of the offending vehicle and fines and jail time. The penalties get worse in the event there are multiple offenses. In any of the United States a person is not supposed to drive once the blood alcohol level has reached .08%. When apprehended with a BAC of .08 or higher it is a criminal offense, not a simple misdemeanor. Although the charge will not be DWI, even a lower BAC can result in a DUI, which is often seen as a lesser offense, but still very serious.

A drunk driving attorney in St. Paul will want the BAC immediately as it will have an effect on his ability to defend a client. At the best of times a drink related offense is costly, a first offense in many states can easily cost upwards of $10,000 with fines and legal fees. At some time or another in their lives, approximately a third of all Americans will be involved in a drug or alcohol related car crash. Over 40% of the deaths attributable to car crashes are alcohol related and in an average year 1.5 million arrests are made of people under the influence of alcohol. For any drunk driving conviction the minimum penalty is loss of driving privileges for whatever length of time the state mandates. As states set their own penalties for drunk driving offenses, even first time offenders may face jail time, perhaps as long as 90 days.

One reason a person charged with an offense needs drunk driving attorneys in St. Paul is that no two states have exactly the same interpretation of the law and other states have specific laws applicable to that state alone. For example, there are states that have anti-plea bargaining policies that will not allow an alcohol related offense to be reduced to a non-alcohol related offense. There are also child endangerment policies whereby a state can impose an increased penalty if a child was in the car as well as seriously increased penalties if the BAC of the individual charged was higher than .20%.

Drunk driving attorneys in St. Paul have not only to defend the client against the charge of DUI, often times the offense that tipped the arresting officer to the drivers condition must also be defended, these offenses are usually speeding, reckless driving and controlled substance abuse.