What are the benefits of recycling?


Reduce, reuse it and recycle it, these are common words anymore. Reducing waste that goes into landfills not only stretches out the useful years of the landfill, it helps to keep dangerous chemicals from getting into the soil and air, Reusing is extending the life of products in the home or passing them on to others so they can use them and recycling in Connecticut is sending the material in the product back to where it came from so it can start its life anew.

What benefits are there to recycling?

As long as there is no end to consumerism there are two results, one is to be inundated with garbage and the other is not. There is no middle ground; we have to recycle to survive. We purchase products and bring them home; they are packed and wrapped in materials which can be recycled. The materials consist of paper, plastic, tin, aluminum, etc. Putting all of this detritus into a hole in the ground is not the answer, recycling in Connecticut is a must.

Here are some good reasons to recycle:


There are many things that can be recycled for money. When you look around your home you will spot things that are not being used that can be sold to a recycler, if they are not, they will probably end up in the landfill simple compounding the problem. Not only can you turn trash into cash, you are reducing the burden on the community. The more that goes into the landfill, the more it costs in taxes to maintain it and open another one. You can also consider setting your recyclables out for collection, let the community sell it and everyone benefits.

Conservation of resources:

You have to think small and act big. If you throw out just one aluminum can rather than turn it over for recycling in Connecticut, it is tantamount to throwing six ounces of gasoline on the ground, that’s the money involved. The aluminum cans that are recycled in the US every year save the energy which is contained in 15 million barrels of oil.

Energy efficiency:

When you now think big, imagine the amount of energy that can be saved by recycling. It takes more energy to make one new aluminum can that it does to recycle 20 of them into new cans.

Recycling creates much needed jobs:

Burning ten thousand tons of waste takes but one person, dumping it a landfill takes six people but when 10,000 tons of waste is recycled, 36 jobs are created.

Earth friendly:

Landfills are dangerous, maybe not today but in years to come there is no doubt the liner will deteriorate and the soil will be polluted. The soil is a direct path to the underground supplies of water that we drink. Burning waste is efficient but at what price, the air we breathe?

Recycling in Connecticut is becoming more and more popular and companies like Calamari Recycling Co., Inc. can take a lot of the credit by establishing sophisticated centers to sort, pack and ship waste back for reprocessing at the mills.