What Are The Alternatives To Airport Parking?


Airport parking at the best of time is costly, the more convenient it is the more it costs as well. Short term onsite parking right in the terminal building is by far the most convenient, step out of your car, step into an elevator and step out into the departure or arrival lounge. This level of parking is usually used when sending someone off on a trip or picking someone up who is arriving, rarely would short term onsite parking be used by someone making a trip.

Long term onsite airport parking is the next alternative. The long term lots are still on airport property but can be a long way from the terminal building. They are far less expensive than parking in the short term lot but conversely they are far less convenient. Instead of stepping out of your car into an elevator you step out of your car, walk with your baggage to a transfer bus stop and wait for the next shuttle service to arrive. If you’re lucky your airport long term parking lot will have waiting sheds, especially when it’s raining, snowing or blazing hot. Once the shuttle bus arrives it will travel to the next stop, either picking up or dropping passengers and it will continue this until the route is completed. The next stop is the terminal building and as most airports have several terminals, your stop may very well be the last. Its time consuming to say the least but it is less expensive. As long term parking is just that, long term, often when you return you can forget where you parked your car and if it’s the dead of winter do not be surprised if you return to a dead battery.

The next airport parking solution is offsite parking which is privately operated. These lots are located off the airport premises and require that a reservation be made in advance. The benefits are; they cost less than the onsite long term parking and the shuttle service is usually superior. An offsite lot will charge perhaps as much as $5 a day less than the airport and without the numerous stops along the way in the shuttle. Upon your arrival, if you arrive on time that is, the long term offsite shuttle will meet you at the arrival gate and take you back to your car, not just close but you will be dropped at your car. If it is winter and you have difficulty starting, they have service available onsite which is either free of charge or quite inexpensive.

The next airport parking solution, and perhaps the best is to use the parking facilities of a nearby airport hotel. Often the parking facilities are indoor and the trip from the hotel to the airport and return are by the hotel limo or shuttle bus. The rates are similar to traditional offsite parking.