What a Bail Bond Company Can Do For You!

Bail Bonds

A bail bond company in El Reno OK is a company that issues a surety bond through their own agent or bail bondsman. This surety bond insures that the defendant will appear in court at the appointed court date. This allows the defendant to go home without having to stay in jail while they await their court hearing. This practice is largely an American practice, though the history of the practice goes all the way back, thousands of years.

The Origins of the Surety Bond

The history of the surety bond goes all the way back to Mesopotamia. During these early times, the surety bonds were offered by individuals. In fact, this was the case all the way until 1840 when the practice of offering surety bonds became more organized in England. Today the practice of offering surety bonds is very common everywhere in the United States of America, which includes surety bonds from a bail bond company in El Reno OK.

Benefits of a Bail Bond Company

The obvious benefit of a bail bond company in El Reno OK is that they help defendants get pay their bail to get out of jail while they await the date of their court appearance. This is a great benefit for those who simply cannot afford the high rates of the bail that is often set by the courts. Then once the defendant appears in court the court will release the money that was paid for bail. A fee is then charged to the defendant by the bail bond company, which is regulated by the state of Oklahoma for all El Reno OK defendants.

Another huge benefit of having a bail bond company come to the rescue is that the defendant can work allowing them not to suffer from any loss of income while they await their court date. Oftentimes court dates can be set for weeks if not months down the road. This can mean a lot of missed work if a defendant has to sit in jail while they await for the court date. Getting out on bail also gives the defendant the ability to work and come up with the money to pay the fees to the bail bond company as those fees charged are nonrefundable.

Some people actually scoff at the practice of bail bond companies. The fact is that the courts are the ones who set the bail so high that the defendant cannot afford to pay the bail. When this happens there are only three options. One is to borrow the money from a family member or friend. The second option is to remain in jail until the court date. The third option is to ask for the help of a bail bond company bail bond company. Contact Connie Holt Bail Bonds LLC for more information!