Ways to Make your Plumber Rich

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Scottsdale plumbers have seen it all. And despite the fact that they can earn a fair living just off the mistakes homeowners make when trying to DIY their own plumbing, sometimes they can only shake their heads in disbelief.

Some mistakes are understandable and just due to lack of knowledge, but others are a bit more irresponsible, such as using ventilation for cabling. Ventilation pipes run conveniently up through the walls of your house through to the roof, from where they can be seen as possibly easy access points into the house itself.

The purpose of the ventilation is to dispense with possibly toxic sewage gas. It’s blocked off inside the house, but if you look down from the top it might be tempting to imagine cutting a hold into your ceiling and dropping some cable wiring through as a convenient way of accessing lots of great television programming. The problem is, when you cut a hole into the vent, you are also accessing air from the sewer main. That may be one reason you think so much television program stinks.

Scottsdale plumbers have seen situations where people have done more excusable things, such as using too much drain cleaner and destroying their toilet plumbing. Many of these products are reasonably safe if used as directed, and not all the time. But when you use caustic liquids as if your toilet has an addiction to them, you can ruin your pipes, as well as make a severe clog worse.

For that matter, pouring any kind of chemical down the toilet is not a good idea. Many chemicals kill bacteria, which in this instance are our friends because they eat waste. When bacteria are dead, waste remains.

For that matter, using your plumbing as an alternate trash bin is a bad idea, and yes, we do unfortunately refer to that mechanical demon in the sink as a “garbage disposal”. This gadget is actually for food, and even then the kinds of food you put in it is limited. Kitchen grease is going to muck it up.

Rice, fibrous foods, spaghetti, asparagus, flour, potato peels, egg shells and coffee grinds are some of the elements that should not be thrown into the sink. Many of these foods expand when in contact with water. If you want to do it just once, that’s fine. Contact Scottsdale plumbers if you are unable to unplug the sink later on.

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