Water Softener Installation in Dallas TX Provides Multiple Benefits


A high percentage of homes in the US rely on hard water. The term “hard water” refers to water that contains a high percentage of minerals such as calcium or metals such as iron. Although hard water does not have any adverse health effects, it can cause a number of problems when it comes to cleaning. Water softener installation in Dallas TX is the ideal solution. Removing or diluting the concentration of minerals and metals has many benefits, including:

Better and Easier Cleaning

Dishes, silverware, and clothing that have been washed in hard water usually end up covered with spots and a soapy residue. Using soft water will eliminate or greatly reduce these problems. Soft water rinses soap residue more thoroughly; this results in streak free dishware and softer, cleaner feeling laundry. Soft water requires less soap or detergent to get the job done, which results in money savings. Because of the potential for soap scum, the shower, sink, and bathtub will be cleaner and free from telltale soap rings.

Longer Appliance Life

Hard water quickly builds up hard to remove scale on the inside of appliances such as kettles, coffee makers, dishwashers, and water heaters. Using soft water eliminates scale, which results in a longer life for appliances that use water.

Speed up Water Heating

Softened water can heat up quicker than hard water. It is estimated that there is an energy efficiency improvement of over 20 percent for electric systems and almost 30 percent for gas-fired systems. An improvement in efficiency is directly related to a reduction in energy consumption, which results in lower utility bills.

Reduces Lime Buildup in Piping

Over time, the interior of the pipes that distribute water throughout your home can be reduced in diameter by a buildup of lime. The result is reduced water pressure and a shorter life for pipes, faucets, and valves. Water softener installation in Dallas TX reduces mineral buildup, reducing clogs and corrosion and extends the life of the plumbing system. Visit PureElementsInc for more information.