Want to Take a Tour? Get on the Bus in Lebanon, PA


Is it time for you to take a quick getaway on a fantastic bus tour? No worries about driving the car at night when you let the driver take the wheel of the bus and you’re free to enjoy the ride. There are many kinds of vacations you can plan right now at extremely affordable prices. You can take friends, an entire group or just you and your spouse for a week of fun. There are Atlantic City tours to the casinos where you can win more than the entire tour costs. The tours start when you get on the Bus in Lebanon, PA. Tours are well planned with regular stops every few hours. You’ll enjoy stopping at restaurants, hotels and featured attractions. When you send your payment for the tour you’ve chosen, tips are included for just about every service you’ll receive.

Since these types of vacations or weekend tours are offered through a chartered bus service, this is the time of year to begin planning and making your arrangements to have a good time. Planning early is going to ensure the trip isn’t completely booked leaving you and your group disappointed. There are a broad range of tour packages to choose from. When you visit the website, you’ll find *spring* tours to San Antonio, TX, Chicago, The Grand Canyon and Arizona, The Golden Isles of Georgia, Nashville, New Orleans and South Springtime. The Grand Canyon tour lasts up to 15 days.

There are special and exciting tours just ready for you to enjoy all through the spring, summer, fall and winter. You can plan on seeing the beauty of the leaves in Maine or take a Cape Cod getaway for a few days. You can visit the West Virginia railroads in the fall or enjoy a holiday weekend in New York City. All of the tours are so special, you’ll feel refreshed, excited and exuberant when you arrive back home again. Booking a tour is very easy. Browse through the website, notify your group about the tours and check the availability.

Tours can be paid for with major credit cards, cash and checks. When you pay by check, enclose the tour name in the memo section of the check. Remember, reserve your tour early so the Bus in Lebanon, PA doesn’t leave without you on board.