Using A Landscaper in Niantic CT To Keep Dandelions Out Of A Yard


When someone has a bunch of dandelions in their yard, they will want to take the needed steps in having them removed. While some people enjoy the appearance of dandelions, they are bad for grass as they will overtake the soil, making a lawn suffer as a result. There are several ways a landscaper in Niantic CT will combat dandelions, so their clients’ yards look well-groomed all season long.

Dandelions need sunlight to grow. If grass blades are long, any seeds that make their way into the soil will not have a chance to grow as the blades will block sunlight. It is a good idea to have a landscaper mow a lawn more frequently with their mower blade a bit higher than normal. This will allow the grass to do its job in covering the soil with shadows, so dandelion seeds do not bloom.

Another way to eliminate dandelions is by using a weed puller. This is an instrument that is pushed into the ground around the stem of a weed. The person using it would use it to pull the dandelion upward, making the entire root loosen from the ground in the process. This is a tedious job, but it has great results as the roots will not longer be in the soil to regrow.

Some people try putting black garbage bags over areas full of dandelions. The sun will cause the bags to get hot, helping to smother the weeds underneath. They will also block the sun from getting to the weeds themselves. This process will not kill grass as it is much hardier. Simply leave the bags in place for a day or two and all dandelions underneath will be withered and ready to die.

If someone wishes to hire a Landscaper in Niantic CT to help with weed removal, they do not need to search much to find a reliable service. Simply visit a website like to find out about the vast services offered by this professional company. An appointment can then be scheduled to have an evaluation of the yard done before they start battling the weeds present.