Using a Fee-Only Fiduciary Advisor in Minneapolis Is an Excellent Choice

Financial Planning

One of the biggest challenges when working with a financial professional is knowing if they recommend financial instruments suited to your needs. Unfortunately, some advisers in this space recommend high commission products or want you to roll your 401(k) plan over to an IRA, making them more money. Utilizing a fee-only fiduciary advisor in Minneapolis can help you avoid this situation and allow you to work with a professional who has your best interests in mind when they are planning your investment portfolio.

Avoiding High Commissions

One of the main advantages of utilizing a fee-only fiduciary advisor in Minneapolis is the ability it provides for you to avoid high commissions. Some financial professionals you might work with during retirement planning will give you advice based on what they can make in commissions. If you use them, they make money and you lose out on the monetary gains you might receive from another financial product.


Working with a financial planner committed to meeting your financial needs is usually the best route to take. They are trustworthy and only interested in finding investment vehicles matching your specific needs. Having them guide your decisions when adding investment vehicles to your portfolio should prove to be highly beneficial.

Effective and Efficient

Having a trustworthy financial professional assist you with your portfolio is an effective and efficient way to ensure you’re ready for your retirement. They know what it takes to assess the correct type of investment vehicles appropriate for your financial profile. Using a non-commission-based financial service is typically the best choice you can make.