Uses of Storage in Newnan GA

Warehousing and Storage

Defining self-storage seems to be an easy task. After all, most people just assume it’s a place where people can store stuff, and can come and go as they please. However, self-storage is a legal transaction. When a person rents a self-storage unit, a contract is involved which spells out terms such as length of time for storage and protections for the facility in case of loss or damage. Insurance for stored goods must be purchased separately, otherwise the company is not held at fault if anything happens to them.

The owners are not allowed to open or to enter your unit unless there is suspicion of illegal activity or that the contract is being broken. Contracts have lists of what cannot be stored in the units. These units are offered as a solution for people that have too many things to keep at their homes or offices, or if they just need a place to store materials that aren’t used often. Contracts are usually on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Most facilities are about five feet high, though some have ten foot high ceilings an 30 square-feet in space. Larger spaces cost more, of course. Some facilities have climate controls which is important for the proper storage of lots of items, such as furniture, paper, antiques, and collectibles. Humidity or dry air can destroy materials over time, so this is sought by many renters as a desired feature.

Other popular features include alarms, surveillance cameras, automatic entry gates, computerized keypad access, and drive-up loading docks. Some facilities may even allow use of moving vans that the company owns. Another popular service is the rental of outdoor space for recreational vehicles and boats. Motorcycle enthusiasts are fond of storing their bikes inside units, which offers protection from the elements.

The industry is own of tremendous growth, due to high demand. Although these facilities can be found just about anywhere, they are highly popular in large urban areas and near military bases. Storage service in Newnan GA is also ample. Whether they are used for transition periods in a person’s life, or as a long term solution, self-storage units are here to stay.