Used Cars for Sale in Queens: Dealer or Individual Seller?

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In the past five or six years, a lot of people have decided that they’d prefer to have cash than a car. As a result the used car market was flooded with high quality, and very low quality, used cars. There have been so many used cars for sale in Queens for so long that you can now get a really great used car for the fraction of the price you would have paid even five years ago. While that’s terrible news if you want to sell your own used car, for someone in the market to buy a used car in Queens, it is the best news you could hear.

However, used cars can be bought at dealerships or from private individuals, and the best prices will be from private individuals. That’s not necessarily because dealers are pricing their cars at too high a price. In fact, the price that an individual can sell a car at is much lower, due to the fact that they have none of the costs associated with running a business. But with that slightly higher price on a dealership used car, you get some assurances that you don’t get when buying from an individual.

These days, used car dealerships tend to be cautious about the cars they sell. Most of them offer a warranty of some kind, allowing you to rest easy about any major repairs that might be needed shortly after you purchase that used car. They also have a high incentive to make sure that the car doesn’t come back, so they will spruce up the car, have mechanics look at it, and ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. Individual sellers have neither the incentive nor the interest in doing those things.

Because a used car for sale at a dealership can easily be brought back, since you know where that dealership is, the dealership has to maintain a good reputation if they want to stay in business. Some dealers do this by only stocking excellent quality cars. In fact, these days there are only a few seedy used car dealers trying to sell lemons or cars in poor condition. You can probably avoid them by being cautious and reading some online reviews from people who’ve actually bought a car from the dealer before.

There’s nothing wrong with buying from an individual seller. But there are some unique benefits that come with buying from a dealer.