Urgent Care Centers Fill a Need for Medical Treatment


When you have the flu or a minor injury, getting in to see your doctor without an appointment is almost impossible. No one wants to wait for hours in a crowded emergency room, especially with a sick child. So what are your other options?

You can stay home and treat the illness yourself with over the counter medication; or visit an urgent care center where you can see a No Appointment Doctor. At an urgent care center, patient’s receive the same excellent treatment they would expect from a hospital emergency room or their primary care physician. These centers are fully equipped with laboratories and digital x-ray to aid in making a diagnosis. Their board certified physicians are able to provide medication, intravenous fluids, treat orthopedic injuries, and wounds that need stitches. Children can receive treatment at these care centers which is a great advantage for parents who want to avoid a long wait at the pediatrician’s office. Patients are always instructed to follow up with a visit to their family doctor.

In addition to medical treatment, patients can come to urgent care centers for preventative care such as laboratory services, STD testing, and x-rays, as well as emergency dental treatment. Immunizations are available for travel, work, or school. Need your flu shot? This can be done quickly and easily at one of these facilities.

Urgent care centers are becoming popular alternatives to traditional methods of medical treatment. We see more of them opening in New Jersey and New York, especially in Queens and on Long Island. If you need Emergency Care Brooklyn, there is an urgent care center located there.

One of the advantages of seeing a doctor at an urgent care center is no referral or pre-authorization is required. Also, all major medical insurance is accepted. Patients need not be concerned that urgent care center doctors and technicians are less qualified than emergency room personnel or primary care physicians. They have received board certification in emergency medicine. The care centers themselves are certified by the Urgent Care Association of America. You can find an urgent care facility to serve your medical treatment needs. Check your local phone book or search online to find the one nearest you.