Understanding SR 22 in Seattle


Washington State has stern rules with regards to safety on the road. Whether it is your first or fourth DUI offense, the law requires you to obtain SR-22 car insurance documentation or Financial Responsibility. This is a mandatory requirement for high risk drivers such as those charged with DUI, those caught driving without valid auto insurance, those with revoked or suspended license, and those individuals who have accrued several traffic offenses in a short span of time.

What is SR-22 in Seattle?

SR-22 is not actually a specific type of insurance, but it proves that an individual is insured. If you are charged with DUI, expect to carry this documentation with you for an extended period of time, usually years. If your insurance coverage lapses or is canceled for whatever reason, the insurer will inform the state DMV and subsequently charge on you punishment such as suspension or revocation of license.

SR-22 in Seattle may be obtained from your insurance company. Once you request and file for an SR-22, the insurance provider will notify the state DMV. Every time you are charged with DUI or other grave traffic offenses, you will need to contact your insurer to obtain this requisite. Along with the SRR is an increase in your premium to cover additional risk you pose.

However, not all insurance companies in Seattle offer SR-22 insurance policies. In case, you are convicted of drunk driving and your insurer does not provide this service, the insurance company will either cancel or revoke renewal of your current policy. Most insurers send a letter 2 months before the cancellation or expiration of your policy to notify you of its change. You will need to look for another insurance provider that offers SR-22. Expect your insurance rates to jump because your history reflects cancellation as well as being considered a high risk driver.

Like in any other business, the primary goal of insurance companies is to make profit and the way to do it is by minimizing risks. However, not all car insurance companies will cancel auto insurance policies after a DUI conviction. Some companies actually have more appetite for high risk drivers. Do not panic if your current insurance company non renews or suspends your current policy. There are other insurance companies that are willing to do business. But of course, expect the premiums to be substantially higher compared with the regular insurance quotes. It may sound unjust but that’s the way these companies earn profit.

Looking for an insurance company that offers SR-22 in Seattle may seem challenging at first. But as you go through it, you will find companies willing to do business with you. Choose a company that has an extensive experience in helping high-risk drivers get an insurance policy. Shop around, both online and offline, to find affordable insurance rates designed for high risk drivers. Better yet, consult a reliable insurance agent to get the best rates that meet your needs.

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