Tummy Tuck Can do Wonders and Make You Feel Good

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Are you unable to get into your old pair of jeans because of your protruding tummy? Have you tried all possible ways out, from working out to dieting, but are still unable to shed a single pound? In such a situation, why don’t you go for a tummy tuck operation (abdominoplasty)? You may not have enough information on this procedure. Let us have a look on what is tummy tuck, and what you need to know about it!

What is tummy tuck?
It is a surgical procedure in which excessive fat is removed from your abdomen, which as a result tightens the muscles of the middle and lower part of your abdomen.

What are the eligibilities and criteria to be a good candidate for this surgery?
* You should be healthy.
* You should have a record of unsuccessful weight loss attempts.

Some more things to remember
* If your skin has lost its elasticity, then also you can opt for abdominoplasty.
* If you had multiple pregnancies due to which your abdominal muscles have stretched out and unable to return to normal, then abdominoplasty can help.

Are there any risks associated with tummy tuck operations?
As with any other surgery, risks and complications are associated with tummy tuck as well. However, they are not major and reduce over time with proper post-operative care. Some of the common post-operation problems associated with this surgery are:
Minor infections
* Bleeding and blood clots
* Delay in wound healing

On the very first day of your consultation with a plastic surgeon:
* Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your physical health.
* He or she will also measure the quantity of fat deposits in your abdomen.
* He (or she) will also evaluate your skin tone.

On the very first day of your consultation with a plastic surgeon, you should:
* Inquire about the surgery
* Submit your medical records
* Inquire about the risks associated with this surgery
* Inquire about expected results

Post surgery conditions:
Your tummy will be swollen for the first few weeks after the operation. You may feel a slight pain and discomfort as well. However, this is not something to worry about. With proper medication provided by your plastic surgeon, pain and discomfort with alleviate soon. As far as stitches are concerned, they will be removed within a week after the surgery.

Expected results after the surgery:
It differs from person to person depending on their health as well as extent of the surgery.
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