Tree Service: Living a Life in the Shade

Construction and Maintenance

Do you often find yourself wondering what to do with the tree that often seems like it’s just waiting for the next hurricane to tumble onto your property in St. Petersburg? It’s time to call a tree service as soon as you can. What is a tree service and what can you expect from them? Here is a brief guide to what you can expect a good tree service to do for you and what you can expect while they are at it:

  • Grunt work
  • Dangerous work
  • Tree pruning work
  • Tree care work

Grunt work requires a lot of muscle and hard work, and if you intend to do it yourself, expect it to last for most of the day and to have sore muscles. That is why it is best to hire a good tree service for work of this kind in St. Petersburg. Although it requires minimal expertise, since it usually involves brush chipping and stump grinding, you can expect a lot of mess around the property. This is why it is best to hire professionals with the appropriate tools and experience. They will also leave your property spick and span, looking even better than before.


Limbing work is not just difficult, it’s dangerous as well, which is why it is important that you not try to do it yourself but hire a professional tree service. It basically involves removing a damaged or broken tree limb before it falls over and damages your property in St. Petersburg. Doing something like this on your own could not only result in a terrible accident, but in loss of property and life as well. Therefore, always opt for a tree service with enough man power to handle a strenuous job like this.


When it comes to Pruning trees, you want someone as talented as Edward Scissorhands, rather than making a mess of the trees and hedges yourself. This is why it would be advisable to ask your neighbors and family for references and get professionals to do it right for you in St. Petersburg.


And last of all Tree care is something that not everyone can do just because you’ve been gardening all your life. There is a lot of difference between gardening and caring for your trees so they turn out to be healthy and fruitful. It requires extensive knowledge of timely fertilization, pest and disease control, and watering needs. This is why an expert and certified arborist in St.Petersburg is the best person to call for tree service jobs.


For the best possible tree service in the St.Petersburg area, just call the experts and relax. Powell Property Maintenance and Landscape Contractors are the most trusted and reliable professionals in this field and will leave you satisfied and happy.