Tracking Down and Finding the Right Speaker


Ideally, you should have an idea of a budget before you start your search for an ideal candidate. The costs of hiring a motivational speaker can vary dramatically and depend on the location of the venue, the number of delegates present, the length of the motivational speech required, and the quality and popularity of the speaker. If your meeting is worth having, it is worth investing in an experienced and proven speaker with the ability to motivate others. Just like anything else, paying a little more often produces better results.

Contact Information

Whether you deal directly with the speaker, or through an agent or an office, is a matter of choice. In theory, the fees indicated by an agent, office or direct tenant should be the same. If you are interested in a celebrity speaker, it is unlikely that you will find direct contact information for that person, and your only line of inquiry will have to be done by an officer or office specializing in speakers who excel in motivation.

Agent Fees

Agents who actively promote an Edmonton motivational speaker have a good idea of ​​the fee normally required to secure a speaker’s services and will share that figure with you in your original investigation. It is wise to get a full fee from an agent. The commission of the agent’s office is normally obtained from the speaker. This commission may vary but typically falls between 15% and 30%. If they do not have a particular presenter on their books, they are usually happy to trace them for you and make arrangements on your behalf.

Getting Permission

Few professional speakers work with a single agent or office. If there is no mention of exclusivity on the promotional material, you can assume that there are none. In fact, this means that if you meet with a contact person of your choice and provide contact information, there is an implicit permission for you to contact him directly or autonomously a tenant rate. Your goal should be to get good value for money.