Top Duck Hunting Lodges in Arkansas


Avid duck hunters may always opt to camp on their hunting trips. However, there are many duck hunting lodges in Arkansas that provide the ultimate in luxury for duck hunters. A duck hunting lodge not only provides services for hunters but, they also provide the comfort of home. Additionally, many lodges provide three meals a day, making the trip all inclusive. Aside from that, many lodges provide services such as professional guides which enable safe and successful hunting trips for newcomers or those new the area. Below is a list of the top duck hunting lodges in Arkansas.

Duck Hunting Lodges in Arkansas – Buckshot Duck Lodge

The Buckshot Duck Lodge is family owned and operated. With over 10,000 square feet this duck hunting lodge in Arkansas is beautiful and comfortable. Guests receive private rooms and can book duck hunts year round. This lodge features big screen televisions, wireless Internet, an outdoor fire-pit, full bar and even a fireplace. There are both morning and afternoon duck hunts with professional guides. Duck hunting guides will lead hunters through acres of private property including farms, flooded fields and timberlands. Guides also have access to two wildlife areas which allow for waterfowl hunting. Buckshot Duck Lodge is located in beautiful Gillett, Arkansas and provides luxury for all hunters and families.

Duck Hunting Lodges in Arkansas – 5 Oaks Duck Hunting Lodge

5 Oaks Duck Hunting Lodge combines everything a hunter needs with southern hospitality. With many acres of rice fields and timberlands, professional guides will take hunters through these locales to hunt waterfowl. With the ability to support individuals, small groups and corporate events, 5 Oaks Duck Hunting Lodge provides every tool a hunter will need, aside from your gun. For corporate trips, this lodge provides an in-house chef which is available 24/7. 5 Oaks Duck Hunting Lodge is located in the Mississippi Flyaway in Humphrey, Arkansas. Whether your a professional or a newcomer to waterfowl hunting, 5 Oaks Duck Hunting Lodge will provide education and cater to your every needs.

Duck Hunting Lodges in Arkansas – Arkansas Duck Masters

Arkansas Duck Masters provide four highly experienced guides which guide hunters through the delta terrain to hunt waterfowl. This area provides high chances of catching duck, Merganser and Coot species. In addition to their four professional guides, owners Chad and Kirby also guide guests through duck hunting. With many professional guides and tools every hunter needs, this lodge will have everything for a successful waterfowl hunting trip. However, guests are expected to bring their hunting license, gun and their own ammo. Arkansas Duck Masters lodge is located in beautiful Marion, Arkansas. For an all inclusive experience, there are packages available that include three meals a day along with lodging.

With many duck hunting lodges to choose from and their many amenities, hunters should take into consideration experience and location. As always different locations mean different species of waterfowl. If you’re a new waterfowl hunter take into consideration the area, Arkansas is a beautiful area with many waterfowl species and terrain. For prices and availability please contact local duck hunting guides in Arkansas.

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or a new hunter, try staying at duck hunting lodges in Arkansas. Many lodges are all inclusive which means meals, tools and hunts are included in the lodging price. If you’d like to learn more about the different areas or book a trip contact today!

Duck Hunting Lodges
Duck Hunting Lodges