Tooth Restoration Procedures at the Offices of Dentists in Murrieta


Restorative dentistry procedures provide immediate pain relief, improve proper functioning of the teeth for biting and chewing, prevent uneven tooth wear, and can help patients feel much better about their appearance. Restoration procedures that dentists murrieta can take care of include broken teeth, decayed teeth, missing teeth, gaps between the teeth, and uneven teeth. Often these are not just health issues, but they directly affect how a person interacts with others; patients can become withdrawn and don’t smile, and this gives the mistaken impression that they’re unfriendly and unapproachable, which affects a person’s personal life and career.

Restoration procedures help patients to not be afraid to smile and show their teeth, relieve them of pain, allow them to eat normally, and can even protect their health. An exposed nerve from a broken tooth can be extremely painful. Decayed teeth leave an open avenue to invite infection, which can quickly spread throughout the body. Having dentists murrieta restore teeth to look like natural teeth provides the protection for sensitive tissues and nerves and relieves the pain, and is an important safeguard to protecting a patient’s overall health. Patients may be completely unable to chew on one side, causing excessive wear to the teeth on the other side, or they may have to completely avoid eating certain foods altogether.

One restoration procedure is creating composite tooth fillings. These may be silver amalgam, but for front teeth, many patients opt for fillings that match the natural color of their teeth. After the dentist drills the tooth to remove the cavity, the dentist will clean the tooth before applying composite material to recreate the missing, decayed part of the tooth. The material is shaped to match the shape of your own tooth, and then it’s polished and hardened.

Another restoration procedure is a tooth crown, which is also called a tooth cap. After removing a decayed area of the tooth, the dentist murrieta may elect to fill in the gap with composite material, but if the gap is too large, the dentist may create a crowns instead. Crowns are also done for broken teeth and after a root canal. This protects the exposed parts of the tooth and creates a hard, protective tooth surface for biting and chewing. The crown gets shaped to match the rest of the tooth.