Tire Maintenance Tips to Consider Before Buying Replacements From Tire Shops in Hackensack NJ


Many persons make the mistake of thinking that proper tire maintenance is all about maintaining proper air pressure in the tire at all times. Of course, a tire with very high or very low air pressure will show signs of wear and tear a lot faster as compared to other tires. However, proper tire maintenance should cover the following activities as well.

Tire Rotation
A tire’s wear and tear depends on numerous internal and external factors. Apart from the quality of roads and your driving skills, the tire’s condition also depends on the distribution of weight in your automobile. If the engine is at the front and if the steering mechanism is connected to the front tires, then these tires will show signs of degradation earlier as compared to the rear tires of your automobile. Instead of frequently visiting tire shops in Hackensack NJ for purchasing replacement tires, you could opt for regular tire rotation to ensure equal wear and tear on all the tires.

Checking Tire Tread Depth
The condition of a tire’s treads has a huge impact on its grip on the road, especially in wet conditions. Over time, the treads get eroded and tires start skidding on wet surfaces. Checking the depth of the tread is a very simple way of finding out whether a trip to tire shops in Hackensack NJ is due or not. Most tires have markers that help you determine the overall condition of the tread. You can also check out alternate tips available online to keep track of the tire’s condition. A tire that is in good condition except for the eroded treads can be retreaded and used without any performance or safety issues.

Visual Inspection
This may seem obvious but many automobile owners make the basic mistake of ignoring the importance of regular visual inspection. Take the time to inspect each and every tire in a careful manner. Look for cracks, fissures, patches, and other signs of wear and tear. Combine your observations from the visual inspection with advice and tips provided by professional firms like Hudson Tire Exchange Inc to take an informed decision.

By doing these simple tasks at regular intervals, you can extract maximum performance from the tires fitted to your automobile before purchasing the replacement tires.