Tips To Assist With Bed Bug Treatment In Alexandria VA

Pest Control

Bed bugs can cause severe rashes and may make it difficult to sleep. An infestation can be eliminated by completing the following steps for Bed Bug Treatment in Alexandria VA. Once a pest problem has been resolved, maintaining the cleanliness of a bedroom and furnishings will prevent bed bugs from infesting the premises again.


* large plastic bags that seal
* industrial strength detergent
* washing machine
* dryer
* mattress and pillow cover
* vinegar
* water
* bleach
* spray bottle
* sponge
* vacuum cleaner
* herbal oil
* cotton balls

Cleaning Linens And Nonporous Surfaces

When beginning a Bed Bug Treatment in Alexandria VA, linens need to be placed inside of large plastic bags that seal. Items should be left in bags for a couple days. Any bugs that are on items will suffocate. Afterward, linens should be washed with industrial strength detergent. Clean items should be dried at a high setting. During the cleaning and drying process, any bugs that were not killed while in the bags will be destroyed and eggs will be removed. A mattress cover and pillow cover should be placed over a bed’s mattress and pillow to prevent bed bugs from burrowing into the fabric.

A cleaning solution can be prepared by adding vinegar, water, and bleach to a spray bottle. Nonporous surfaces should be sprayed with a liberal amount of a cleaning solution. A sponge can be used to wipe a cleaning agent across surfaces.

Vacuuming And Applying Herbal Oil To Portions Of A Room

A bedroom’s rug should be vacuumed thoroughly. Bugs and eggs will be sucked up during this process. A carpet cleaning agent can be used to eliminate foul odors. A cleaning agent may deter pests from remaining in a room. Cotton balls can be soaked with herbal oil before placing the cotton balls inside of drawers, a closet or the corners of a room. Herbal oil emits a scent that bed bugs and other pests do not like.

To prevent pests from becoming a problem again, linens should be cleaned regularly and a rug should be vacuumed. A cleaning agent that contains bleach can be used to clean surfaces. New cotton balls can be soaked with herbal oil as needed. If pests ever become an issue again or if an individual would like to receive advice about Bed Bug Treatment in Alexandria VA, an individual can contact an exterminator like Pest Management Services in Alexandria VA.