Tips on How to Make Your Conveyor Rollers in Sarasota, FL, More Ergonomic

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If you run a factory, then you already know the dangers of workers suffering from strains and other injuries because of the constant leaning and bending that they do. However, there is a solution for that. By learning more about ergonomic conveyor rollers, you can ensure that your employees are kept safe and healthy.

Comfortable Design

To be truly ergonomic, the conveyor should be designed in such a way so that the employee does not have to re-position when they are taking things off or putting them on the conveyor belt. Conveyor roller manufacturers recommend that balls or turntables are used to make it easier to rotate the items when needed.

Use Gravity

Whenever possible, use gravity to your advantage. By designing the conveyors to rest at a slight decline, the items on the conveyor will move with no assistance from the employee. Conveyor roller manufacturers also recommend using chutes whenever possible in conjunction with conveyors. This has a doubly-positive effect of freeing up floor space so that more products can be moved.


Experts recommend that when working at locations such as loading docks, the factory should attempt to use portable conveyors. This can be great for ergonomic relief because they can be placed at points where the need for stretching or bending is eliminated.