Tips from Transmission Repair in Florissant

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There are few things that car owners dread more than a faulty transmission. With mechanical problems like an oil leak or worn out brake pads, the solution is usually relatively inexpensive, and it only takes a day or less to have the repairs done. Transmission work, on the other hand, is much more labor- and time-intensive, especially if the root of the problem isn’t obvious and requires a mechanic to spend valuable time checking and testing the integrity of each part. To make the whole process simpler, a transmission repair Florissant shop recommends taking a few simple steps that can put you back behind the wheel sooner.

First of all, make a list of the problem symptoms that you notice. Transmission issues do not just develop overnight; the odds are that you begin to notice signs of trouble well in advance of any major breakdown. In some cases, it may be as minor as a failure to shift smoothly and quickly, or a few spots of transmission fluid on the floor of the garage. When problems like these occur consistently, it’s time to take your car in, and having a written list of the issues as well as their frequency can help your mechanic narrow down the source of the problem. Second, keep a written record of your car’s mechanical history from oil changes and filter replacements to major system repairs. As with any machine, transmissions can simply wear out with regular use, so it’s important for your repairman to know what and when repairs have been made in order to properly diagnose the problem. Finally be sure to provide your car technician with a reliable contact number for you so that if he needs to contact you for consent, he will be able to reach you as quickly as possible and with a minimum of hassle. Many repairs are delayed due to difficulty in reaching owners, so one of the easiest ways you can speed up the process is to simply be readily available.

There is no question that having a reliable car makes life easier, so it’s important to stay on top of mechanical issues and schedule regular maintenance in order to keep your vehicle in top condition. When you do need the help of a professional, your local transmission repair Florissant shop is ready to help you get back on the road.

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