Tips for Working with Insulation Contractors in Lawton, OK


Every modern home is insulated to protect against unwanted thermal transfer. Over time, insulation can become less effective, especially if it gets wet. Homeowners planning to work with Insulation Contractors in Lawton, OK can read on to find out how to ensure on-time project completion and the highest-quality workmanship.

Choose the Right Company

Choose a company that specializes in insulation, not a general contractor. Specialized Insulation Contractors in Lawton, OK have more training and experience working with fiberglass, spray foam, and other types of insulation. Specialists will offer more options and will be better suited to meet their clients’ expectations.

Ensure Proper Communication

Don’t just hire a contractor, then assume everything will go as planned. Homeowners should make sure their expectations are clear and take the time to check in with contractors once a day until projects are completed. Find out what communication method the project manager prefers in advance, as some like to check in at the job site before starting work each day while others prefer to give clients their phone numbers to facilitate communications.

Check the Work

If they notice any problems, homeowners should let the contractors so that potential issues can be addressed as soon as possible. Even the best contractor won’t be able to solve a problem he or she doesn’t know about. The only way for homeowners to ensure that they will be happy with the completed project when everything is over is to check contractors’ materials and workmanship.

Get it in Writing

Get written estimates, contracts, change orders, and receipts. The law requires contractors to provide them, and homeowners who have trouble down the line will be happy to have them. Homeowners should keep all this documentation in a file folder for easier reference next time they need home improvements.

The Bottom Line

Improving a home’s insulation is largely a matter of finding a trustworthy contractor and choosing the right insulation materials. Even homeowners working with the best contractors around should still get everything in writing, check their contractors’ work periodically, and communicate their expectations clearly. Contact Superior Thermal Solutions to get started today.