Tips for Selecting Gold buyers Villa Park


There are a lot of new businesses promising cash for unwanted gold. If you’re looking for, you’ll need to be cautious in your selection; that way, you have a higher chance of being treated fairly. Before you do business with a gold buyer, keep these notes in mind.
Look for a Published Price

Find a list of prices that the gold buyer is offering so you can make a more informed decision—and to protect yourself in the event you receive an unfair offer. If you can’t get an offer price list, do business elsewhere.

Talk to a Person, Not a Machine

Before shipping gold, call and speak with someone at the company. If you can’t get in touch with a customer service agent who has the power to confirm policies and answer your questions, consider taking your business to another company. All Gold buyers Villa Park should have transparent policies and customer service.

Ask if the Company has Trackable Shipping and Insurance

If you’re doing business with a non-local gold buyer, they should offer a traceable shipping method such as UPS or FedEx. If you can’t track your shipment, there’s no way for you to prove the buyer received the gold. The company you choose should offer insurance as well.

Determine the Company’s Return Policy

Before mailing your shipment, read the company’s return policy. Their offer process should be clearly defined, including the amount of time you have to accept or decline the offer, and how your valuables will be returned if you do decline.

Be Aware of State Law

Most states have regulations for Gold buyers Villa Park, including those on record-keeping. Ask about your state’s laws, and ensure that the company you choose is following them.

Find out if the Company is a BBB Member

If a gold buyer is a BBB member, there’s a higher chance they follow a set of best practices, and that they have a good customer service and satisfaction record. Read the Better Business Bureau report carefully, if you’re selling locally, you can look to review sites like Yelp for clues as to their reliability.

It can be difficult to trust a stranger with your valuable gold; however, doing the correct research on published prices, customer service, shipping & insurance, return policy and state law will serve to reassure you that you’re doing business with a reputable seller.